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Community Service


It is the philosophy of the Eastside Campus that vital to a student's education is an awareness of their larger community.  In order to help facilitate this awareness, students are required to volunteer five hours per trimester of community service.  While a student may complete more than the required hours, those hours do not carry over to the next trimester.  A sustained and continued involvement throughout the year is required.
 During the year the Community Service Committee will inform students and their families of a variety of approved service opportunities to fulfill this requirement.  If you are not sure if your idea will count, please see your homeroom teacher.  Please remember that you do community service to help others, not yourself.  Be polite, prompt, and serious as you represent Eastside Campus while serving the community.  Enjoy helping others!

What_can_I_do_to_meet_the_community_service_requirement? Card IconWhat can I do to meet the community service requirement?

Here are some ideas:  (for more, see your teacher)
  • work at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen
  • volunteer to read to children at a hospital or receiving home
  • arrange to help a former teacher- although this can only be done once during the year
  • work at an event sponsored by one of the local Park and Recreation districts
  • help a coach with a sports team
  • work at one or more of the 3 events planned and supervised by Mr. Prior- there is one per trimester
  • help a scout leader
  • help at a nursing home or retirement center
  • volunteer at a veterinary clinic, an animal shelter, a zoo, or aquarium
  • work outdoors at a nature center, the conservation corps, a ranger station, or an environmental organization
  • help at a community recycling center
  • volunteer at the YMCA/YWCA

Are_there_things_that_WILL_NOT_fulfill_this_requirement? Card IconAre there things that WILL NOT fulfill this requirement?

YES!  Some of them are:
  • working in your yard or a relative's yard
  • doing anything for your family or a relative
  • babysitting/daycare for family or friends
  • making decorations for school functions
  • working or job shadowing at a family member's place of employment
You will have paperwork to fill out, get approved, signed, etc. before you do the community service event.  PLEASE be aware of due dates and turn in the paperwork on time.