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Field Study Day

Go explore your community! Learn something new! Extend your learning and enrich your education!

Field Study Ideas: (if done with at least one other Regency Park student beside your own, you can earn parent hours) For every $10 spent on materials, you earn one parent hour.
  • Visit a museum- Crocker Art Museum, Railroad Museum, Discovery Museum, The Museum of Natural History, etc.
  • Job shadow someone in order to learn about different professions

  • Visit the courthouse
  • Work in a classroom or library (you may use this for one field study day only)
  • Visit and learn about historical sites- guided tours of Folsom Dam, Nimbus Fish Hatchery, State Capital, Coloma, Sutter's Fort, Davis Arboretum, etc.
  • Visit a college or University- arrange for a guided tour of American River College, Sierra College, Sacramento State University, University of California-Davis, etc.
  • Attend a cultural activity such as a play or symphony
  • Research - Work on a long term project; go online to explore the internet, or visit the library to read more about a topic of interest to you. - For one field study day only. 
  • Community Service - you man complete your community service hours. Please check in with homeroom teacher to verify your activities can be counted as community service. 
  • For more ideas, please speak with your child's homeroom teacher

Please_be_aware: Card IconPlease be aware:

  • You will be given paperwork to fill out regarding your field study days- fill them out and return them to your homeroom teacher by the due dates.
  • Your homeroom teacher MUST approve your plan BEFORE you do it.
  • You are required to turn in a written report about how you spent your day and what you learned from the experience.
  • Field Study days are still school days- you are expected to do the plan that has been approved.  If you do not- it will be marked as an unexcused absence.

    One last note: these activities can be done on the weekend closest to the actual Field Study Day if you cannot do it on the actual day.