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Regency Park Campus

🟢 Vision & Mission



Westside Preparatory Charter School implements 21st century skills and develops attitudes that foster student learning both within and beyond the classroom.


The hard work and dedication of Westside Preparatory Charter School (WPCS) stakeholders create an atmosphere of educational excellence for all students. 

🟢 Welcome Letter

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Welcome Back Letter 2022

🟢 District Calendar

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22-23 District Calendar

🟢 School Calendar

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🟢 Field Study Day

Field Study Ideas: (if done with at least one other Regency Park student beside your own, you can earn parent hours) For every $10 spent on materials, you earn one parent hour.

  • Visit a museum- Crocker Art Museum, Railroad Museum, Discovery Museum, The Museum of Natural History, etc.
  • Job shadow someone in order to learn about different professions
  • Visit the courthouse
  • Work in a classroom or library (you may use this for one field study day only)
  • Visit and learn about historical sites- guided tours of Folsom Dam, Nimbus Fish Hatchery, State Capitol, Coloma, Sutter's Fort, Davis Arboretum, etc.
  • Visit a college or University- arrange for a guided tour of American River College, Sierra College, Sacramento State University, University of California-Davis, etc.
  • Attend a cultural activity such as a play or symphony
  • Research - Work on a long term project; go online to explore the internet, or visit the library to read more about a topic of interest to you. - For one field study day only.
  • Community Service - you man complete your community service hours. Please check in with homeroom teacher to verify your activities can be counted as community service. 
For more ideas, please speak with your child's homeroom teacher


  • You will be given paperwork to fill out regarding your field study days- fill them out and return them to your homeroom teacher by the due dates.
  • Your homeroom teacher MUST approve your plan BEFORE you do it.
  • You are required to turn in a written report about how you spent your day and what you learned from the experience.
  • Field Study days are still school days- you are expected to do the plan that has been approved.  If you do not- it will be marked as an unexcused absence.
One last note: these activities can be done on the weekend closest to the actual Field Study Day if you cannot do it on the actual day.

🟢 Westside Staff

meet the staff

🟢 Enrollment

WPCS 22-23 Fillable Application
WPCS 22-23 Fillable Application (Espanol)

* For more information, contact our front office staff at (916) 566-1660.

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