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Our School

  WPCS-Eastside Campus

         6469 Guthrie Way

   North Highlands, CA  95660

     Principal: Kristina Jordan

   Office Manager: Julie Rhea

   Admin. Clerk: Cathy Dupuy

     Phone: (916) 566-1860

       Fax: (916) 566-1861

   Home of the Bulldogs

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Teachers and Grade Levels

7th Grade: Ms. Deis: English, World History, and Academic ELD

                   Mr. Prior: Math, Science, and Math Support
8th Grade: Ms. Yue: English, U. S. History, and Student Voices
                   Mr. Crum: Math, Science, and Leadership
7th and 8th Grade:  Ms. Rodriquez: P.E., Health, and AVID