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                                      7th graders 

Abhijot T 
Allison M 
Amari H 
Anthony K 
Arianna S 
Artem K 
Audrey M 
Avleen K 
Benicio V 
Canyon D 
Christian W 
Christopher F 
Cody H 
Daniella G 
Deja R 
Eduardo M 
Emiliano M 
Evan C 
Evelyn R 
Gianna B 
Gurshan G 
Hadis S 
Harhveer M 
Hayden K 
Ian R 
Imarah K 
Isaac B 
Isaiah M  
Jacob P 
                   Jalen L                   
Javier S 
Jayden A 
Kareena C 
Liliana M 
Lydia L 
Macy H 
Makayla P 
Mateo R 
Mattelyn E 
Matthew E 
Mikael B 
Neamatullah S 
Noelle H 
Roxanne A 
Royce K 
Samrath D 
Sebastian A 
Shaila R 
Sia P 
Sofia M 
Sophia E 
Steffany G 
Tama’jhae S 
Yana M 
Zachary M 
Haqiqat S 
Enrollment packets will be mailed by March 4, 2022. All forms and documentation need to be submitted to the Regency office no later than Friday, April 01, 202

Curious_about_enrolling_your_student_into_our_Charter_program?_Check_out_parent_info_night!! Card Icon
Curious about enrolling your student into our Charter program? Check out parent info night!!

WPCS enrollment is by application only. This means the first step is an application. The second step is a lottery, during which you will find out if you are able to enroll your student (since we only have a certain number of spots). Should we have space, your final step is the enrollment paperwork. An application is not a registration, however it is your starting point!

We have prepared the new student applications for the 2022-2023 school year, and we invite you to learn more about WPCS at our Parent Information Nights! Please see below for more information about those.

2021-2022_WPCS_Lottery_Update Card Icon
2021-2022 WPCS Lottery Update

Click on and open the document below for more information on the changes for the 2021-2022 Lottery.  

Application_&_Supporting_Documents Card Icon
Application & Supporting Documents

* Feel free to contact Marisol Rangel with any application questions. She can be reached at (916) 566-1660 ext. 23539 or *